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Braintree Police Launch Smartphone App for Public Use


Technological advances have come a long way over the past few years. In cities and states all around the world police departments, fire departments and other types of emergency service providers have begun turning to technology and social media to aid them in fulfilling their duties and assisting the community in a more efficient and timely fashion. In keeping up with our advancing society, the Braintree Police Department recently launched a new smartphone app which residents and the general public can use to get information pertaining to crimes in their area, find department phone numbers and email addresses, submit questions to officers within the department, as well as submit anonymous crime tips. The app is officially named My Police Department, or MyPD for short, and was developed by Peabody-based Wired Blue. Due to its popularity the app is now being used by more than 43 local police departments and campus police departments throughout the state of Massachusetts. It is available as a free download for either iPhone or Android users.

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