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Penalties for Trespassing in Massachusetts


Under Massachusetts State law it is illegal for anyone to enter into a home, enclosed land, building, boat or other private area without consent. In addition, people are not allowed to remain in these locations beyond the specified time set out by the owner or whoever has lawful control over the building or land. The key to understanding the charges for trespassing is that the individual being charged had no right to be on the property.

The typical penalty includes a fine of up to $100 with a potential for 30 days in jail, depending on the severity of the crime. A judge can also choose to sentence an individual with one or the other or both, if they so choose.

If a trespassing defense lawyer can defend the accused and reveal that they had a right to be on the property, they may be able to have their charges reduced or dismissed. In the same way, if there was not signage showing that individuals could not be at the property at the given time, this could nullify the charges. The prosecution must show clear evidence that the individual was verbally charged or shown by way of a clear sign that they were not to be at the location or that they needed to leave.

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