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Experiencing an arrest for underage drinking can be terrifying and confusing especially if the individual was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Consequences for driving under the influence for young adults under the legal age of 21 years old can be somewhat severe.

The state has a zero tolerance law, meaning that there are no exceptions to underage drinking, whether it involves driving or not. Even after one drink, drivers under the age of 21 at are serious risk for punishment. If a minor is tested for OUI and their BAC level is 0.02% or above, they could be arrested.

It is imperative that an underage OUI lawyer in Quincy be obtained from the start with these types of DUI cases because they will be able to decipher the situation more clearly. Knowledgeable on Massachusetts State laws and procedures, an educated Quincy OUI lawyer may be able to find significant holes in the case.

Law officers must have probable cause when pulling over any car on the road and they must follow a certain set of guidelines when performing Field Sobriety Tests or breath tests at the scene. In the event that any of these tests were not given out according to proper protocol, the individual whether underage or not may be able to have their charges dismissed.

Penalties for Underage OUI

Underage OUI charges can include the loss of one's license for 30 days with a possibility of losing it up to one year. In the event that the individual refused to take a breath or blood test at the scene of the incident, he or she could lose their license for up to 3 years. If an underage driver has a BAC level of 0.05% or above, they can stand to be charged with a misdemeanor.

There is a list of typical penalties that include the following:

  • Cost of court fees and other expenses up to $2,500
  • Up to one year of unsupervised probation
  • Possibility of license suspension for 210 days (separate from breath test license suspension)
  • Attending 16 weeks of education classes pertaining to proper alcohol consumption and laws
  • Those with a BAC higher than .20 percent must attend a two week inpatient alcohol treatment course
  • Pleading Continuance without a Finding (slightly different than pleading guilty, but still admitting that there is adequate evidence to prove fault)

Beyond these more common consequences, there are also other maximum penalties that can be enforced depending on the circumstances. Fees may extend from $500 to $5,000 in more serious cases and their drivers' license may be suspended automatically for one year without negotiation. Especially in felony cases where someone else was injured or property was damaged as the result of the drunk driving case, the underage individual may face up to 2 ½ years in a House of Correction.

This is a serious charge for a young adult that will have to be dealt with in an efficient manner by a legal advisor who cares about the situation. It is absolutely imperative that those charged with this type of crime speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Never give a statement about your case to any law enforcement officers before talking with a lawyer that can speak on your behalf. Individuals often run the risk of incriminating themselves by giving out too much information.

Judges and law officers mainly want to see conviction for OUI cases, since the state considering the state's zero tolerance policy. Allow our qualified legal team to get you the result you deserve and protect your rights. You should not give up your privileges without a fight, and I can provide aggressive defense if you choose to hire Flanagan & Associates.

Underage OUI Defense

At a time in life when there are already so many uncertainties, you do not need the immense charges of underage DUI on your shoulders. At Flanagan & Associates, our attorney handles underage OUI offenses and defends the young drivers from associated charges. If the police officer were to have violated any field sobriety test procedures, you could be at an advantage.

Our firm can conduct a thorough investigation of all details associated. This investigation can then help me develop a strategy to best defend your rights. Do not go down without a fight. Take the necessary steps to a solid defense by contacting a Quincy OUI attorney at Flanagan & Associates today!

The first step is to call our office for a complimentary consultation and set up your free case evaluation. Let us fight so that you can live the rest of your life without the burden and stress of an underage OUI charge.

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