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Although driving is considered a privilege, it is a necessary privilege non-the less. In many states across the nation hardship licenses can be given out at the discretion of the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) for various reasons, including cases where the driver may be too young to acquire a proper license or your proper license has already been suspended. In many cases these licenses are given out because the applicant has an undeniable need to operate a motor vehicle in order to accomplish their necessary commitments in life. Hardship licenses have been known to be given for education, medical, or employment purposes. However, these licenses do come with major time restrictions to the driver in question, as no driver is guaranteed a license. The holder of a hardship license in Massachusetts can only operate a vehicle for 12 hours a day for mandatory purposes, such as those listed above.

If you are seeking a hardship license because of an OUI charge it is also important to note that you are subject to increased scrutiny, especially if this is not your first OUI offense. It may also be mandatory to install an ignition interlock device for your vehicle at your own expense, no matter if it is a personal vehicle or a company vehicle. If your license was suspended for any other reason such as traffic violations, you are also able to request a hardship license throughout the duration of your suspension. However, please note that these licenses require supporting documentation and a reinstatement fee that ranges from $500 - $1,000 dollars depending on the number of offenses.

Necessary documents include:

  • Letters from - Parole Officer, Physician, Employer, Etc.
  • Supporting Documents such as - Driving Route, Medical Documents, Etc.
  • If Required, Enrollment into Court Approved Alcohol Education Program

Depending on why your license was suspended, the documents you must provide and the process of seeking a hardship license does vary. A RMV hearing to decide your hardship license is not an easy legal process either and while it is not mandatory to have an attorney present it is recommended. You essentially must prove that you are required to use a vehicle to complete essential medical visits and/or work duties that are otherwise inaccessible by public transportation.

We Can Help Guide You Through the Process

If you are considering a hardship license after your proper license was suspended, it is important that you speak with a qualifying attorney today. Getting a hardship license can be difficult and every state has their own criteria for what constitutes grounds for receiving such a licenses. Our Massachusetts OUI attorneys at Flanagan & Associates can help guide you through the entire process, getting you the best results possible.

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