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Products that are defective have the potential to seriously harm consumers who may use them. Consumers may be financially disadvantaged because they paid for a product that does not properly work, or they could even incur bodily injury, depending on the type of defect. When an error occurs that was not intended, it is known as a manufacturing defect. Those who undergo any financial loss or injury should immediately get in touch with a Quincy product liability attorney from Flanagan & Associates.

How Do I Know If My Product Had a Manufacturing or Design Defect?

To pursue compensation, the victim must know which company to sue: the design or manufacturing company. In order to find this out, a person need only ask one simple question, "Was the defect planned or unplanned?"

Every product has a design plan before it is sent to a company to be manufactured. The design company is responsible for running the necessary tests to make sure that a product is not substandard. Enough tests should bring out any safety errors or potential dangers with the use of a product. Products that have errors during this stage are considered "planned" errors.

If the product was totally safe during design, and the error was a result of some mistake on the assembly line, then the manufacturer is considered responsible. "Unplanned" errors are not intended, but occur during production. Manufacturers are supposed to make sure that their products are not faulty, yet no matter how much care they took during the process, they will still be considered liable if something goes wrong.

Here are some errors that may have occurred in your defective product:

  • Incorrectly constructing the object
  • Using poor materials
  • Failing to properly follow safety procedures
  • Using dangerous substances such as lead or mercury
  • Failing to properly oversee the assemblage of the product

Any of these mistakes have the potential to cause serious harm to a consumer. Victims of these errors or any other manufacturing defects should make sure to immediately contact a lawyer from our firm. We can help determine who should be compensating you for the damages that you have incurred.

Types of Defective Products

Our firm handles cases that include all kinds of product liability.

Some common issues may include:

  • Defective Auto Parts - Cars have a great many parts, many of which are supposed to protect their passengers from injury. When these fail in the event of an accident, people can incur serious damages. Seat belts, airbags, and tires are auto parts that malfunction fairly often.
  • Defective Drugs - Medications can often have side effects that cause further illness and discomfort. Companies that produce these types of drugs are responsible for making sure that their product does not cause injury, yet they do not because it can sometimes take months or years to test.
  • Defective Medical Equipment - Though medical devices are heavily regulated, their complexity makes it easy for them to malfunction. It is up to the company to make sure they work properly, as well as the medical staff to get properly trained on how to work or install the device.

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The team at Flanagan & Associates cares about your well-being. We exist to ensure that the claims process is as easy as possible for you, to decrease any feelings of stress or anxiety that you may be experiencing. Our firm is proud to provide personalized attention from an experienced lawyer for each of our clients. We have offices located in Boston, Quincy and Weymouth!

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