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Any injury that lasts permanently, requires long-term medical care, or decreases life expectancy can be classified as catastrophic. These often severely affect the daily living activities of its victims and their families. Individuals may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in pursuing reparation and recovery for their catastrophic injuries, which can severely deplete a person's financial resources. Those who can no longer perform normal functions may even require further funds to pay for a caretaker.

If your catastrophic injury was caused by another's negligence, then you should seek to obtain compensation from them. Sometimes, it is even necessary to pursue more than one avenue of recovery to pay for the staggering costs. Seek out a Quincy personal injury attorney from Flanagan & Associates if you've incurred a catastrophic injury. We are willing to aggressively fight for you!

What Kinds of Injuries Could Be Classified as Catastrophic?

While all injuries can bring severe physical and emotional pain, some are so severe that they are categorized as catastrophic.

For some common catastrophic injuries, please see the following:

Amputations - Limbs that are extremely damaged may require removal in order to save the victim's life. In rare cases, a limb may be severed by an accident with heavy machinery, a motor vehicle, or a burn. Amputees usually take a long time to heal, and an even longer time getting used to a new way of life, without the use of their limb.

Back Injury - Often stemming from a workplace injury or a car accident, back injuries can limit an individual's motion to the point of bed rest. These could include a herniated disc, strain, sprain, or a fracture.

Birth Injury - During a child's delivery, there may be complications from how a baby is positioned or the speed of its delivery. A baby that is facing the wrong way or coming out too slowly or quickly could be at risk for injury. Doctors who do not handle the situation reasonably or are inadequately trained can fail to respond properly should be held responsible for injury sustained by the mother or child.

Broken Bones - Bones that are crushed or fractured by the impact of a crash could cause serious complications like the multiple surgeries or even the puncturing of an organ. Those who are elderly may never recover from a broken bone, even after surgery.

Burn Injury - A person's skin can be severely damaged by extreme heat. This primarily comes from a fire, but chemicals, x-rays, and other substances can also cause burns. Burn injuries range from superficial burns, known as first-degree burns, to deep burns, known as fourth-degree burns. Long-lasting damages could include scarring and amputation.

Internal Organ Damage - Blunt force to a person's organs cause sometimes cause internal bleeding, aches, loss consciousness, and visceral pain. This is especially true in the case of exposed organs such as the brain and the stomach. Organs that are protected by the rib cage and vertebra, however, have a greater chance of getting punctured by a broken bone.

Spinal Cord Injury - The spinal cord is a nerve that is in charge of sending information to all parts of the body. If it is severed or damaged from trauma, then it could cause paralysis in different areas. The closer an injury is to the neck, the more parts of the body will be paralyzed or severely immobilized.

Traumatic Brain Injury - Known as TBI, brain injuries usually occur when the brain tissue is severely jolted or the skull experiences great force. Brain injuries can cause permanent disability, as well as severely limit the social, mental, and physical behaviors of a person.

What Should I Do After Experiencing a Catastrophic Injury in Massachusetts?

After obtaining medical help, those who suffer a life-changing injury should consult with a Quincy catastrophic injury lawyer from our firm as soon as possible! We can help you collect the appropriate evidence to make sure that your case can have a strong claim.

This may include: the details of the incident, medical records, expert opinions, witnesses, and other relevant information.

Don't settle for anything less than you deserve! Let us help you recover your medical expenses and lost wages. We are committed to putting the needs of our clients before anything else. Our lead attorney, Dave Flanagan, has a long history of dealing with insurance, so he is well-equipped to take on big insurance companies for any of his clients.

For your free consultation, make an appointment with our firm as soon as possible!

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