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The Commonwealth of the State of Massachusetts prohibits certain activities while operating a motor vehicle. One of those is texting while driving. It is against Massachusetts law to use a cellular device at the same time as driving a motor vehicle, because it diverts the attention of the driver away from the road. Any time a driver is distracted and diverts his or her attention from the task of safe driving, it places other vehicle occupants, pedestrians, and bicyclists in danger. Young drivers comprise the largest group of offenders regarding texting and driving.

If you were involved in an accident that was the result of another driver texting or engaging in some other negligent driving behavior, you should seek legal advice from an experienced Quincy personal injury lawyer from Flanagan & Associates. Our firm is knowledgeable in the laws related to personal injury law, and has helped many individuals receive just and fair monetary compensation from settlements and judgments. We represent accident victims and their families, working tirelessly on their behalf to pursue justice and the maximum possible compensation.

Texting Laws in a State of Massachusetts

According to Chapter 155 of Massachusetts Safe Driving Laws, drivers are prohibited from sending an "electronic message" from their mobile electronic device or using a mobile telephone or handheld device that has the capability of writing or sending messages or displaying messages for the reader. This includes devices that one can access the internet with, check emails, send text messages or instant messages. The laws apply to drivers stopped in traffic but it is does not apply to drivers not on the roadways.

If they wish, drivers may use a hands-free device, such as a Bluetooth. A hands-free device is something that allows the driver to use both their hands while talking. Persons under 18 and bus drivers, however, are not allowed to use their cell-phones at all, even if it is hands-free. In 2012, law enforcement officials wrote around 1,700 tickets for texting and driving, an increase from past years. To further protect the public, the National Highway Traffic Association has committed to employ texting and driving sweeps at least twice a year. Patrols would watch cars from elevated ground to see if persons were using their cell-phone illegally.

Negligence and Injury Compensation

In the electronic age, people come to rely on their cell phones and electronic devices to communicate at almost any time and from any location, even while operating a car, truck, van, bus or other vehicle. This type of activity is careless and reckless, as well as places others at risk of injury or death. Persons who are breaking the law should be required to pay for their mistakes.

If you were in a car accident that was due to the negligence of another driver, the party responsible for the accident may be liable to you for damages. Those damages may include auto repairs or replacement, medical bills, future costs of necessary medical treatment or care, in addition to present and future loss of earnings. Vehicle accidents, especially those caused by the negligent actions of other drivers, are traumatic. Damages may usually include payment for mental and emotional suffering. In an accident with a wrongful death, the surviving parents, siblings, spouse, and children can pursue additional compensation for loss of companionship, burial and funeral costs, and other losses.

Before accepting an insurance settlement offer, speak with an experienced Quincy auto accident attorney with my firm. The offer the insurance company gives you is likely far, far less than the actual value of the injuries and losses. Let me help you with your driving while texting accident case.

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