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Case Results

  • $1.8 Million Man Hit By Car
    A client was severely disfigured when a driver backed into him and his wife while at a grocery store parking lot. The insurance company agreed to a policy limit settlement quickly when presented with an airtight case against their insured.
  • Work Injury
    $95,000 settlement prior to trial when driving for telecom employer. Client was injured and out of work for many weeks. Full back pay and pain and suffering to cover soft tissue injuries.
  • Premises Liability
    $55,000 settlement for an elderly client who was injured when she slipped on ice left after precipitation froze in front of a local liquor store leaving her with injuries to her face, hands, and shoulder.
  • Negligence
    $30,000 settlement for client injured by negligent ambulance company when they responded to his home and dropped him causing him pain and exacerbating pre-existing soft tissue injuries.
  • Car Accident
    $27,000 settlement when snow plow struck the rear of clients car resulting in minor injuries.
  • OUI & Drug Possession Charges Dismissed Cambridge District Court
    Client was charged with an Operating Under the Influence of Drugs, Possession of Class A and Possession of Class E drugs. Illegal drugs were found on her person and in her car when the police found her. She was allegedly driving erratically and got into an accident. Attorney Flanagan was able to dismiss the charges of Possession of Class A and Possession of Class E drugs. The OUI drugs charged will dismissed in one year as long as the client can stay out of trouble and complete a program. Drug possession charges dismissed: OUI Drugs CWOF for 1 year. Case is dismissed if client stays out of trouble.
  • OUI Case Dismissed Hingham District Court
    At Hingham District Court the client was charged with operating his motor vehicle with a suspended license for operating under the influence. This charge comes with a minimum sentence in the house of correction for 60 days and a maximum of 21/2 years with a mandatory year loss of license. Attorney Flanagan argued the case and was able to persuade the district attorney and the Judge to dismiss the case.
  • Client Found Not Guilty at Trial Quincy District Court

    Client was involved in a head-on collision with another vehicle after swerving into the wrong lane of traffic. Client was unable to perform any of the field sobriety tests satisfactorily. Charged with both an OUI and a Marked Lanes violation, client sought out Attorney Dave Flanagan to fulfill his legal needs. Even with the odds stacked against him, Attorney Flanagan used his experience and legal prowess to clear him of all charges, saving his career in the process.

  • Client Found Not Guilty at Trial Plymouth District Court

    In the early morning hours, client crashed his vehicle into multiple road signs in a single car accident. He had witnesses see him operating erratically, and had failed the field sobriety tests offered to him. Client had even admitted to officers that he had been drinking beers that night. Client was a hard worker, working multiple jobs and many hours to make ends meet, and was worried that a conviction would jeopardize his earning capacity. Faced with this dilemma, he retained the services of Attorney Dave Flanagan. Attorney Flanagan was able to secure a not guilty verdict on all counts when the case was taken to trial.

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