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South Shore OUI Attorney

Get Aggressive Defense Against DUI Charges From Our Quincy Attorney

Attorney Dave Flanagan

Even the simplest of legal matters can be enough to derail one's life. At Flanagan & Associates, we know that these things can happen to anyone and have made it our mission to help Massachusetts clients face some of the most trying times of their lives. We've brought the highest quality service to them across multiple disciplines and have earned recognition while doing so.

It is vitally important to safeguard your freedom and rights. An OUI charge is a serious matter that can ruin your future plans and endanger many employment and educational opportunities.

Our experienced Quincy DUI lawyer can provide aggressive defense on your behalf by creating a valuable plan of action and representing you with confidence. The earlier you retain counsel with OUI charges, the better the chances of reaching a positive outcome to your case.


Whether you want to aggressively fight your case at trial or get back on the road immediately by resolving your case quickly, Attorney Flanagan has the solution. He knows how to challenge the OUI evidence and secure a favorable outcome. Protect your license and your freedoms by relying on Dave Flanagan!



We have made it our mission to bring tough, but accessible representation to clients. When clients come to our firm, they are never simply a case number, they're individuals, and Attorney Flanagan is passionate about dealing with every aspect of each case in a personal manner. If you or a loved one are facing a legal matter they cannot trust to just anyone, than retaining proven legal representation is absolutely critical—and within arm's reach. Call Flanagan and Associates today to schedule a free consultation.

Why call Attorney Flanagan?

Get the Personal Attention of a Small Firm, With Big Firm Results

Attorney Dave Flanagan's passion for the truth started back in 1994. After realizing that his sharp eye for detail and deduction could be used to help serve the community, Mr. Flanagan decided to pursue law and, by 2003, was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar.

His comprehensive, detail-orientated, investigative background makes his skills a perfect fit for multiple legal practices. Mr. Flanagan prides himself on offering the highest level of personalized attention and dedication to all of his clients. He is willing to go all the way for his clientele, even if that means going to trial in order to give them the greatest opportunity for freedom.

He can listen to your story, gather details, advise you of your best course of action and see your situation through until it's conclusion. Do not got through that process alone and unguided.


  • $95,000.00 Work Injury
    $95,000 settlement prior to trial when driving for telecom employer. Client was injured and out of work for many weeks. Full back pay and pain and suffering to cover soft tissue injuries.
  • $55,000.00 Premises Liability
    $55,000 settlement for an elderly client who was injured when she slipped on ice left after precipitation froze in front of a local liquor store leaving her with injuries to her face, hands, and shoulder.
  • $30,000.00 Negligence
    $30,000 settlement for client injured by negligent ambulance company when they responded to his home and dropped him causing him pain and exacerbating pre-existing soft tissue injuries.
  • $27,000.00 Car Accident
    $27,000 settlement when snow plow struck the rear of clients car resulting in minor injuries.
  • Found Not Guilty of OUI & Drug Charges Attleboro District Court

    Client was found by officers barely responsive in a lane of traffic. Due to her condition at the time, no field sobriety tests were ever even administered to her. Multiple bottles of prescription medications were found in her vehicle, which were almost empty even though they had been filled just a few days before. Client decided to retain the services of Attorney Dave Flanagan to help with her legal needs. The client was charged with multiple offenses. Attorney Flanagan was able to take the case to trial and successfully cross examined the police officers and the State Police chemist. The client was found not guilty of all charges.

  • Not Guilty on OUI & Gun Charges Boston Municipal Court - Brighton

    Client was arrested for OUI after he was flagged at a sobriety checkpoint for smelling of alcohol. While he was going through the booking process, client mentioned that he had a licensed firearm within the center console of the vehicle. Client consented to a breath test, which resulted in a reading of one and a half times the legal limit. Client made the choice to hire Attorney Flanagan to defend the case against him. Attorney Flanagan was able to identify deficiencies in the Commonwealth’s case, and obtain findings at trial of not guilty on both the OUI and the Carrying Firearm while Under the Influence charge.

  • Policy Limit Settlement Car Accident
    Policy limit settlement on a motor vehicle accident that resulted in client losing out on many days of work and suffering serious permanent injury and loss of mobility.
  • Case Dismissed Assault and Battery
    Client was charged with Assault and Battery by the mother of his daughter. This particular charge turned the client's life upside down. He had never been arrested before, and he had no experience with the criminal justice system. Attorney Flanagan was able to convince the assistant district attorney and the Judge that the case should be dismissed on the trial date.
  • Charge Dismissed Hingham District Court
    At Hingham District Court the client was charged with operating his motor vehicle with a suspended license for operating under the influence. This charge comes with a minimum sentence in the house of correction for 60 days and a maximum of 21/2 years with a mandatory year loss of license. Attorney Flanagan argued the case and was able to persuade the district attorney and the Judge to dismiss the case.
  • All Charges Dismissed Boston Municipal Court
    Client was in a barroom fight in downtown Boston. Allegedly the other party was seriously injured and required medical treatment. Attorney Flanagan was able to dismiss the case.

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