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When a driver has too much to drink before getting on the road, it can have devastating effects on the general public. In Massachusetts, a driver that has more than .08% blood alcohol content is not legally allowed to operate a vehicle because of their increased impairment. Those who have more than the legal limit of alcohol in their bloodstream may experience symptoms like: blurred vision, decreased reaction times, and even blackouts, which can easily lead to serious accidents.

The victims of these accidents caused by a drunk driver have the right to pursue compensation, as the impaired driver should have had the foresight to make other transportation arrangements before they started drinking. If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident, then a Quincy accident lawyer from Flanagan & Associates can help protect your rights. We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of car accident cases and we can help you win compensation from the person responsible for your damages!

How Can I Prove that the Other Driver Was Drunk?

If you suspect that the other driver was drunk, then you should do all you can to prove this to the courts and the insurance companies involved. Immediately following an accident, you should make sure that the police are on the scene. They will be able to take the necessary steps to test the other driver to see if he or she was above the legal limit. The police can also take a detailed report about the circumstances surrounding the accident. If there were any witnesses, you should make sure to get their contact information so they can provide statements or depositions, if necessary.

To document any medical issues, you should contact a doctor right away. You will need to fully understand the type of injury you are facing as well as the amount that you paid for any medical attention. Lastly, contact your insurance provider with your own report of what happened. If you are unable to contact the necessary people, then ask a friend or family member to take care of these for you.

Along with your Quincy personal injury attorney, you can then try to prove the following:

  • The defendant had above .08% BAC
  • The defendant's judgment was impaired to the point that he couldn't safely operate a vehicle
  • The defendant endangered public safety

By showing that the driver did one or more of these things, you will have a better chance of winning your case. A lawyer from our firm can help you make sure that you have the necessary components for a solid case.

Massachusetts Dram Shop Laws

According to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 138 §69, any bar or restaurant is prohibited from selling alcohol to an already intoxicated person. This means that a bar or restaurant may be held liable for a drunk driving accident if they knowingly or recklessly kept giving the driver more to drink when they were visibly intoxicated.

The victims of drunk driving accidents may ask their lawyer to investigate the establishment at which the person was drinking before they left. Their legal counsel would then inspect alcohol procedures of the business, as well as the training of the staff. If there were any employees or witnesses that were involved with the defendant, then the lawyer could ask for statements from them. Many bars will try to say that they couldn't tell that the individual was intoxicated, so witnesses are especially important in this type of case. If the establishment is found to be negligent, then they could be responsible for compensating the victim.

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Drunk driving accidents can often be difficult to prove because of the medical testing involved. It is important that you act quickly to make absolutely certain that a driver was intoxicated. Chemical tests need to be run immediately after the accident to prove that the driver's BAC was above .08% at the time of the accident.

To ensure that you have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side, get counsel from Flanagan & Associates. We have the experience you need on your side! For victims who are interested in retaining our services, we offer a free consultation because you are our top priority. We will do everything we can to make sure that you are compensated by the drunk driver or the establishment that allowed the guilty party to become so intoxicated.

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