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Victims of car accidents and other personal injury cases can benefit from the legal services offered by Flanagan & Associates. Our firm understands the difficulties that individuals experience from accidents due to the negligence of others. It can have a huge financial, physical and emotional impact on the victims and their families. The legal team at our firm has extensive experience in representing many different types of car accident victims and we work tirelessly to help them receive just and fair compensation.

We handle the legal aspects of personal injury cases. That includes dealing with insurance companies and the claims process or taking cases to court. It can be a comfort following an accident to know that a Quincy personal injury lawyer from Flanagan & Associates can address all of these issues, allowing victims and their families to recover from their losses.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Although there can be countless causes of car accidents, the following are the most common:

  • Driver Distraction - Anything that causes a rider to be unfocused on the road can prove to be harmful to other drivers on the road. Actions such as using a mobile device, eating, conversing, reading, and anything else that causes drivers to take their eyes of the road or fail to keep both hands on the steering wheel could be causes of distracted driving.
  • Driver Fatigue - Drivers who are tired due to lack of sleep or have driven long distances without taking adequate breaks may be fatigued and therefore fail to concentrate on the road. Drivers may fall asleep and veer off the road, or into oncoming traffic.
  • Drug and Alcohol Use - A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs is often too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely. Alcohol can affect depth perception and other senses that are needed to drive a car. Drunk drivers often may run stop signs or red lights, speed or drive too slowly, or swerve into the lanes occupied by other vehicles. Drug use can similarly affect the driver's ability to concentrate, stay awake, and have other effects on the driver's mental and physical state. DUIs count for a large number of serious or fatal car accidents each year.
  • Visibility - When there are bad weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain or snow, and extreme sun glare, it can affect the driver's ability to see the road or other vehicles clearly. The failure to utilize or correctly adjust rear and side mirrors can also cause visibility problems in seeing other vehicles or motorcycles.
  • Road Conditions - Wet and slippery roads due to icy or wet roads can make it hard to control a car. Road construction, pot holes, obstacles or debris on the road, or anything that affects the safety of the road can cause an accident.
  • Mechanical Failure - While cars are designed to keep its occupants safe, they can often have mechanical issues or defective products. Things like tire blow outs, engine failure, faulty brakes, early air bag deployment, faulty gauges, or car structural problem can contribute to car accident. Those who have experienced any of these may be able to file a claim under product liability.
  • Traffic Violations - Laws for safe driving have been put out by the state to ensure that the public is protected. When drivers break these laws by doing things like driving too fast or too slow, failure to yield, driving the wrong way on one way streets, running through stop signs or red lights, or other types of violations, then serious accidents may occur.
  • Novice Drivers - Those who have not been driving for very long, or who are young in age, may not act appropriately in certain situations. They may have issues gauging the length of a light, or the distance of a car when making a lane change. Inexperienced drivers or young drivers account for many accidents.

Regardless of the causes of accidents, they can cause serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. Drivers have a duty of care to not cause harm to others. They can avoid accidents by taking a few precautions that can make the roads safer for themselves and others such as avoiding drinking and driving, or pulling to the side of the road when fatigued.

Our Firm Can Provide Assistance:

If you are a car accident victim or lost a lost a loved one in a wrongful death case, the team at Flanagan & Associates can give you competent legal advice and guidance throughout the claims process, and all other legal actions. We can conduct a thorough investigation into your car accident and gather evidence that may make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Contact our firm for further information about what our knowledgeable advocates can do for you!

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