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$125,000 Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident


A Plaintiff in a motor vehicle accident claim received a $125,000.00 jury verdict on November 13th. The Defendant struck the Plaintiff while he was driving to work, a coworker in the passenger seat. As the Plaintiff was slowing down and turning into his place of employment, the Defendant struck him from behind.

Plaintiff's injuries included a disc bulge, annular tear, and loss of disc space height. He treated for two and a half years following the incident.

Plaintiff's allegations against the Defendant included following too closely and committed a marked lane violation, all of which the Defendant denied.

However, after some tough cross examination from Plaintiff's attorney, Defendant admitted that she had attempted to pass the Plaintiff on the right hand side from the breakdown lane. The jury spent approximately two hours in deliberations before coming back with the verdict. No comparative negligence on the part of the Plaintiff was found.

In situations like this, where it's one person's word against another's, a good attorney can help break open a case and get to to the truth. Examining a witness is intricate work that a layman is not adequately prepared for.

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