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Product Liability Claims: Complex Legal Cases


A product liability claim can be difficult to get resolved. When a consumer purchases a commercial product, they expect that it will function as it should, and that they will be warned of any dangers in using the product. This includes all products, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, furniture, toys, vehicles, auto parts, and all others. Unfortunately, a product can have inherent design flaws that create a danger to consumers that are not identified until the product has made it onto the open market. The same is true of medications.

As a drug is prescribed and used by the public, certain dangerous side effects become evident. The first step is usually a warning letter issued by the FDA regarding the potential dangers that have been reported. This was the case with am unexpected number of serious birth defects in babies whose mothers were taking certain prescription medications to handle depression. As time progresses, the FDA may require the company to include a black box warning on the drug, or issue information to medical providers so that doctors do not prescribe the medication under certain circumstances. If you or a loved one has been injured by a commercial product, the statistics on the specific product mean very little. What is frightening in these cases is to realize that there was no warning that the serious illness, condition or even death could be the result of using a product you trusted was safe.

These cases can be quite complex to resolve. Large corporate entities engage the services of law firms with top litigators to try to reduce the financial damage of a large number of settlements. There could be attempts to deny responsibility or claim that there was no problem with the product. In any product liability case, you want to ensure that you have legal representation that will protect you, as a consumer, and will fight for justice and fair compensation as the case makes its way through the various stages, including litigating the matter in civil court or a higher court.

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