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Who Is Liable for Dog Bite Injuries in Massachusetts?


The state of Massachusetts is known as a "strict liability" state. In cases of a vicious dog attack, this means that when an individual has been bitten by another person's dog, the dog's owner may be held 100% liable for any and all injuries. Strict liability refers to a form of liability that does not rely or depend upon an individual's negligence, carelessness or intent to cause harm. This means that you do not need to show the dog's owner was negligent or in any way directly responsible for causing your injuries, you simple need to show evidence that the dog did in fact cause your injuries. It does make a difference legally whether this was the first time the dog attacked and bit another person, or the dog has a history of aggressive behavior. If you have sustained dog bite injuries from another person's dog, the owner can be held legally and financially liable for your injuries.

One of the main issues in dog bite cases is that many injuries are caused by dogs owned by the victim's friends, family members or neighbors. Filing a claim or lawsuit against a family member or friend is not always the easiest thing to do. Some are concerned about pursuing compensation as there are concerns about creating difficulties. Our question then becomes, "Why should you be held financially responsible for injuries you sustained due to no fault of your own?" In a case of serious injuries, the medical bills can be extremely expensive. The emotional damages are also significant. The dog owner's insurance often covers this type of claim, and taking action could protect other people from similar harm in the future. To learn more about these options and to find out how we may be able to provide you with the legal assistance you need in a dog bite injury case, contact our firm and schedule to meet with Quincy personal injury lawyer Dave Flanagan at once.