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Police Arrest 21 Members of Organized Drug Trafficking Network


After an extensive investigation into the alleged activities of a massive drug trafficking network found operating within the state, police made more than 21 arrests of members suspected of playing key roles in the organized crime ring. The operation, coined "Operation Limehouse," culminated in the arrests of low-level, street drug dealers all the way up to top level importers. Police raided at least 18 houses and 8 vehicles in Quincy and other cities throughout the state. During the raids officers were able to seize a total of 1 kilogram of heroin, 1/2 kilogram of cocaine, large amounts of marijuana and prescription drugs, handguns, a Winchester rifle, approximately 150 rounds of ammunition, as well as more than $140,000 in cash.

All defendants in the case were arraigned on Friday, November 15th in Boston Municipal Court with many being charged for drug possession and distribution. Bails generally ranged from $2,000 cash bail to $2 million dollars cash bail although some members were held without bail.

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