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Newborn Dies Tragically Only 48 Hours after Birth


A wrongful death/medical malpractice suit ended in a $1million settlement for the Plaintiffs, the grieving parents of a baby who died 48 hours after birth.

The Plaintiffs contended that the Defendants noticed that the fetal heart rate showed decelerations, and that a Cesarean section should have been ordered an hour and a half before it was. According to Plaintiffs' experts, the delay caused the fetus to endure hypoxic ixchemic brain injury, resulting in his death 48 hours after delivery.

The Defendants asserted that the child was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which contributed to his death. However, Plaintiffs' experts stated that the child would have survived that condition with standard surgical intervention and follow up care, and that it played no role in his death.

Such a tragedy can never be completely remedied, even with a court case. However, the people at fault can be made to pay in the only way the American judicial system allows.

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