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Successful Lawsuit Against Tour Company


A tour of Costa Rica ended in tragedy when four tourists lost their lives due to strong rip tide currents in the central Pacific coast.

The estates of the four tourists sued the tour company, alleging wrongful death based on negligence and gross negligence. The allegations included negligent selection of destination, negligent operation of the tour, and negligent selection and training of the tour guide.

According to the Plaintiffs, the tour guide did not adequately warn the tourists of the dangers of the rip current, especially considering that several were from land locked areas and not familiar with ocean currents and rip currents. Some witnesses testified on behalf of the Defendant tour company, claiming that there were warnings given by the tour guide, while other witnesses testified that the tourists were told it was safe to go into the water up to their knees and/or waists.

In the end, after two extensive mediation sessions, the tour company agreed to pay $875,000.00 to each estate.

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