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Big Settlement for Victim of Unnatural Accumulation of Ice


A woman dining at a Boston restaurant on January 16, 2012 was injured following her exit from the establishment. After finishing her lunch, the Plaintiff exited and was walking on the sidewalk when she slipped and fell on ice. At the emergency room, x-rays confirmed several fractures to her left ankle. As a result, Plaintiff underwent an open reduction/internal fixation operation on her ankle. She received conservative treatment afterwards for the following six months before being discharged.

Initially, Plaintiff planned to bring suit against the city of Boston. However, investigations revealed that the pool of ice that caused the Plaintiff's fall was a result of a leaky faucet affixed to the property adjacent to the restaurant. The Plaintiff sued the property owner for failing to fix said faucet, causing an unnatural accumulation of ice on the street.

The Defendant alleged that the Plaintiff was comparatively negligent and should have noticed the ice when she walked over it to enter the restaurant. Additionally, Defendant argued that he was not on notice of the condition of the faucet, as he resided in another state. However, the Plaintiff was able to secure several statements from nearby tenants of other properties who claimed to have reported the hazardous condition to the property owner prior to the incident.

11 months after the accident, the Plaintiff and Defendant settled for $215,000.00. A comparatively "quick" settlement for such a large sum is indicative of a competent attorney who worked hard and efficiently from the very beginning. A good personal injury attorney will start their work immediately after an incident takes place, accumulating medical records and bills, getting statements from witnesses, and negotiating with the insurance company.

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