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COVID-19 & Its Influence on Domestic Violence Accusations

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The nation is taking a heavy hit economically, socially and medically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Public officials are doing everything they can to safeguard public health and alleviate the situation as effectively as possible. While stay-at-home orders have been implemented for logical reasons such as decreasing COVID-19 deaths, there are two sides to the same coin: There’s a sharp increase in domestic violence accusations.

The earlier you secure our proven legal counsel, the sooner we can work to dismiss your charge.

With tensions running high during these difficult times, you could be vulnerable to a domestic violence accusation. Unemployment is skyrocketing, families are adjusting to their 24/7 home life and death tolls are increasing by the hour. It’s easy to let the harmful impacts of the coronavirus pandemic overwhelm your emotions and behaviors, but the last of your concerns should be facing a domestic violence charge.

Domestic violence can occur in physical, emotional, sexual and economic manners. It is defined as:

  • Attempting to cause or causing physical harm
  • Placing another in fear of imminent serious physical harm
  • Causing another to engage involuntarily in sexual relations by force, threat, or duress

Flanagan & Associates is reputable for our commitment to serving clients in a timely, efficient and successful manner. Our Quincy domestic violence attorney is a professional negotiator with decades of experience serving those who need personalized and dedicated legal counsel in their corner. Domestic violence is a serious accusation and can impact you, your family and your freedom indefinitely. We can minimize the severity of your accusation as effectively as possible.

State penalties for domestic violence include:

  • Assault and battery
  • Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon
  • Violating a 209A restraining order
  • Witness intimidation

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If you’re seeking a domestic violence lawyer with a comprehensive, detail-oriented and investigative background, our team at Flanagan & Associates is right for you. There are many sides to a story, and we exert every resource and skillset possible to reveal those sides and utilize them to build a hard-hitting defense. Courthouses across the nation have adopted temporary safety measures such as closures and trial suspensions until COVID-19 passes, making it crucial for you to contact us as soon as possible so our domestic violence lawyer can give your case the urgent treatment it deserves.

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