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MA Man Convicted of Organized Crime

A man from North Andover is now in prison for his involvement in a crime ring as a loan shark and bookkeeper. Apparently, the offender, J.G., was suspected of criminal activity back in 2009 so investigators launched an investigation. The former bookkeeper was found going to collect money from people who were falling behind on debt payments. According to police, J.G. would frequently use violence, even in front of different victims' families, to push them to pay. Investigators found this out because they had tapped J.G.'s phone, and were listening in while the suspect and his peers collected debts with threats, stalking, coercion, harassment, and assault.

After the investigation was over, police had accumulated 103 indictments against 31 offenders for charges like gaming, extortion, trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, home invasion, kidnapping, and loan sharking. In addition, J.G. and three of his counterparts are charged with robbing a company of almost $2 million dollars. Investigators report that they recovered almost $1.5 million during the time they were looking into his case.

J.G. has pleaded guilty to criminal usury, conspiracy, and gaming, but also faces charges of assault and battery, intimidation of a witness, attempt of perjury, and attempted extortion. J .G. allegedly was an enforcer for crime boss, M.R, who is already serving prison sentences for breaking and entering, as well as drug trafficking. His prison sentence currently totals about 20 years, but he also has additional charges still pending.

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