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Barnes & Noble Customers in 9 States Are Likely Victims of Data Theft


On Wednesday October 24th, 2012, Barnes & Noble reported that 63 of its stores had fallen victim to thieves who had been tampering with PIN pad devices which are used by customers to swipe their credit and/or debit cards. Apparently only one device per store was tampered with. Stores in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island have all impacted. The thieves allegedly installed bugs in the tampered devices, which were capable of capturing customers' credit and debit card information, including pin numbers. As soon as Barnes & Noble learned of the fraudulent breach, the reportedly disconnected the affected devices and alerted authorities. Barnes & Noble also stated they are working closely with federal law enforcement officials, banks and credit card companies to determine which customer accounts may have been compromised, so that fraud prevention measures can be taken.

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