What Are The Rules About Child Custody and Child Support in Massachusetts?

Sometimes the conflict that exists between spouses is unable to be resolved and divorce becomes the best solution for the entire family. However, simply because it is the best solution does not make it the easiest one. A divorce requires that both parties make many difficult decisions which, unfortunately, don't always align.

If you are currently going through a divorce with children involved, you will soon have to resolve the question of child custody and child support. The state of Massachusetts upholds certain laws that dictate how these issues are determined by the court.

Keeping Your Children's Best Interests in Mind

While many people assume that the court will be very one-sided when it comes to child custody and support, this is not always the case. Massachusetts courts always start with the assumption that regular and ongoing interactions with both parents is best for a child following the divorce.

Joint custody is typically encouraged in most courts, but this can change based on the circumstances surrounding the divorce. When establishing the time-share arrangements, the child's best interests are of utmost important and will be maintained throughout.

Child support can be required of both parents according to Massachusetts laws. Before the court sets specific amounts of child support, they will consider things like income, job stability, and both parents' schedules. If one parent is able to earn more than they are currently earning, the court may credit income to them.

It is best to determine your child custody and child support desires before going to court. Knowing what you want can be extremely beneficial when decisions are being made and the future of your children is on the table.

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